FPA can assess how healthy or unhealthy your assets are…

Right now.

Based in Houston, Texas. Our on-site vibration analysis service saves you time and money with less unplanned downtime.

We employ the Uptime Element(C) as a format for Reliability Excellence. We have certified and experienced reliability and condition monitoring analysts who can rapidly deploy to your site and asses the condition your critical machinery using vibration analysis, electric motor testing, ultrasound detection, thermal imaging and more.

FPA offers both bad actor trouble shooting and monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual condition monitoring services. This saves you man hours, time and profits, while obtaining veteran expertise with advanced condition monitoring technology. The time and effort to create and maintain an in-house team can be difficult and time consuming. Jump start your program by using our expertise for an immediate ROI.

Failure Prevention Associates offers an extensive range of predictive maintenance services including:


PSM, RMP, GMP & SEMS Regulatory Compliance

Safety and environmental compliance are issues at the top of senior management’s mind. Not only is it good practice, but Federal Regulators are taking action to insure plants are following their mechanical integrity plan with sound preventative maintenance practices.

Some of the “little things” that can make a big difference are:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Electric Motor Testing
  • Ultrasonic Detection

If one or more of the above topics is critical to you, FPA has the certified staff to provide those s using world class predictive maintenance evaluations.


Instead of implementing new systems that may or may not support all aspects of operations, what if we further developed and connected our current systems to provide a unified platform for reporting, KPI?s, operations support, monitoring and continual improvement?

Vibration Analysis

Our vibration analysis services include monitoring Rotating Equipment (e.g. cooling towers, gear boxes, pumps electric motors, blowers, turbines, etc.) and acceptance testing for new equipment installations (building floors, piping, rotating equipment). If vibration monitoring is crucial to your facility, we can test it for you.

Reliability & Predictive Maintenance Programs

Reliability initiatives often fail. Yet they are re-started time and again be new teams or senior management. Using the Uptime Elements, we can assess your site to see what the next step needs to be to move your program to the next level.


Our best practice analysis of electrical systems, switches, transformers, etc.

Electric Motor Evaluation

A best practice analysis for electric motor, generators & transformers condition monitoring. Our MCA tests stator windings, rotor, air gap, insulation, power quality and power circuit. We offer both offline and online testing of your electrical assets.

Ultrasound Detection

Our ultrasound analysis uses best practices for finding compressed air/gas leaks, vacuum leak, electrical faults (arcing, tracking & destructive corona) and monitoring slow-speed bearings that cannot be evaluated using traditional vibration analysis.

Precision Laser Alignment

We use best practices for the laser alignment of motor shafts or belts. Done properly during installation or after a repair, laser alignment helps eliminate stress on shafts, couplings and bearings. As well as decreased energy consumption.

Field Balancing

Our on-site balancing is the faster and least expensive option to ensure rotating equipment, like fans, drums, draw works, brush cutters, work as designed. Anywhere in the world, we come to you.

Oil Analysis

Our oil analysis detects when fluid bearing components need repair. Also an excellent detection method for early gearbox wear.


We are here to help you with all your needs.